Dear Singapore,
Thank you. Thank you very much.

Since early March we’ve asked you to share your concerns, wishes and hopes of the present and for the future. Singapore responded.

From teens as young as 12 to pioneers in their 70s – from the heartlands to the CBD – from citizens and residents. Looking at over 900 responses we found that all of us share the same feelings.

We are proud of what Singapore has achieved and how united as one, we persevere against all odds.

We all acknowledge that every little action counts and how all of us play a part in our success and well-being.

We also wonder if our next generations will see the diversity and wonders of life we can see today. We realise what is at stake.

We are worried about the climate emergency, the state of our planet and the loss of nature.

We think it can be stopped, improved and reversed - but only if we all pull through together, quickly.

We say it will take all of us to make better decisions, businesses to make ethical and sustainable choices, thoughtful policies to enable large scale improvements and bold political leadership that will inspire other nations.

We all agree. What’s left to do is doing.

Here is everything you need to take the next step.

Here are organisations, groups and new friends that are excited to connect with you.

SG Climate Rally Get involved with upcoming events and campaigns
Zero-Waste SG Volunteer with Zero-waste SG and end waste in Singapore. Email Kay for volunteering or other enquiries.
Lepak in SG If you want to help spread the environmental message far and wide, join Lepak in SG’s social media team
Green Drinks Singapore Join the next Green Drinks session on the latest environmental and sustainability topics in Singapore

No matter how small or big your next step is, we are rooting for you!

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